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Which details should I fill in the Premium Calculator to buy my Car Insurance Policy?

Your Insurance calculator will include the aside mentioned details such as Make model, CC, Fuel Type, seating capacity, sub type etc

I want to renew my Car Insurance. Which are the points to consider while applying for the same?

You should know the IDV value, your vehicle registration number, premium amount and check for NCB too if that's applicable to this renewal policy.

How do I select the Best Car Insurance Company?

You should begin with checking the insurance company's history and claim settlement ratio. What follow next is a study to understand whether their policies offer cashless facility and repairs at network garages. Yes! Not forgetting the premium rate that it has in offer for you without add-ons or with add-on facility.

Why are premiums different between two companies?

Every company has its set of coverage and IDV. Hence, the premium amount may vary from company to company. Though it is recommended to keep your IDV on a higher side to help at the time of claims or vehicle selling.

What does NCB mean?

NCB is also known as No Claim Bonus which is an add-on cover that may or may not be applicable for every insurance policy. It is a useful in times when you do not make a claim against the insured vehicle through the year.

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